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A dummy package in Ubuntu for texlive

Creating a dummy package for texlive Continue reading

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TikZ figures in org mode files

TikZ images deserve a footnote in the Org-manual. For future reference, I include an example that seems to work. Say we have a tikz diagram, in a file diagram.tex such as: \begin{tikzpicture} \draw (0,0) grid (7,5); \draw (0,0) node[below left] … Continue reading

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Org mode 8.0

Org mode was updated recently to version 8.0, and together with many great features, an unfortunate consequence it brought is that many lovely features of org2blog/wp no longer work. There is hope for the future, but in the meantime, I … Continue reading

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Updating bibsnarf for

bibsnarf.el is a nice tool to get BibTeX entries conveniently from Emacs. Even though it seems that it has not been updated since 2007, it still works with mathscinet, but not with With the following redefinition, bibsnarf works for … Continue reading

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Close to numbered macros in LaTeX

I think it is unfortunate that one cannot use numbers in macro names in . Using the xkeyval package, I could obtain something close to it:

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Sage 4.7.1 in Ubuntu Oneiric

Since I am starting a clean install of the new Ubuntu, I proceeded to reinstall Sage. After the usual steps, and running sage, I got an error message, which I had not seen before, starting with: ————————————————————————— ImportError Traceback (most … Continue reading

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A simple example

This is my first attempt at using tkz-euclide.

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