Main topics of this blog

In this blog, I will write mainly reminders to myself that might be useful to other people.

  1. Free software, specially:
    • Ubuntu, which is a free operating system, which comes together with plenty of useful software, and much more can be easily downloaded, installed and customized to the needs of the user.
    • Emacs is an advanced text editor. I have used it, for example, from writing code in Perl and Python, with helpful coloring of syntactic elements, to sending and receiving email. I obtain the advantage to have to learn the same commands for basic editing needs. Right now I’m writing this post in Emacs, using org2blog, which itself depends on Org mode.
    • LaTeX is a typesetting system, probably now the standard for mathematical texts. However, it can also produce beautiful documents in other subjects. Look at TeX showcase.
  2. Mathematics: about the books and papers I would like to understand, the software I use (GAP, Sage), my research, and maybe the classes I teach.
  3. Chess software (xboard).
  4. Random thoughts.
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